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It isn’t enough to state how important our loved ones truly mean to us. Having to enter into a new environment with a parent or family member all the while attempting to make the best decision on their behalf is stressful, cumbersome and sometimes nerve racking. Living it isn’t the same as watching it, let me tell you. (I can see you nodding your head) Being in the moment gives a much better sense of the 3 E’s: empathy, education and empowerment. That’s where we come into the picture to assist you and your family.

What is Patient Advocacy?

As a business, Elevate Patient Advocacy provides patients, family members and carers with a combination of available services best suited to individuals who need that extra bit of help. As front line patient advocates, we provide confidential mediation between doctors, medical teams & client family members to aid in making the most suitable & informed decision on a patient’s behalf. We are able to advocate for patient rights and provide a newly heard voice in some situations the patient may not necessarily have in the absence of a family member present 100% of the time or when the medical team faces an emergent circumstance.

Being the alternate eyes and ears of the patient helps to bring clarification to otherwise complicated and stressful times when your love for that person is at the forefront. Asking the right questions of the medical team or nursing staff is critical and we have personally seen the difference it makes on the family. Our healthcare experience and personal family losses have literally launched the business modicum. We feel privileged to enter into each of your lives and have voluntarily subscribed to the Code of Conduct & Professional Standards created for professional, independent health and patient advocates in 2012. Click here to see it!

How Does it Work?

Patient advocacy commences with referrals from patient interest or supportive groups, family members, through power of attorney or simply from the need to have a line of communication in your absence. Many patient family members do not live close by and the costs of food and accommodation away from home add up overtime. Even employee benefit plans have a maximum time limit. Elevate Patient Advocacy fills this gap and more.

Our agreement is transparent, its all there in black and white, no surprises. We also have payment options that are easy to live with and we can be held accountable to them in real time. Once our agreement is signed, we will need proof of the ability to act on behalf of the client (since you are always the final decision maker), a medical information release form and in some cases, the hospital will need a copy of the power of attorney release form. Forms are dependent on the level of service we provide.

Elevate Patient Advocacy Services:

A: Liaison with medical/healthcare team and a family member(s)

B: Assistance with nursing home or assisted living which may include any of these;

  1. Transportation
  2. Groceries
  3. Bill / Expense payments
  4. Telephone conversations

C: Research Service support such as government offices, nursing home or medical literature.


Where do we start?

Our starting point is a conversation. Qualifying questions can help solve some patient needs without burdening the family with unexpected costs. If your family simply needs a schedule for each sibling, we can do that at no cost. Its my gift to you. Let’s find out where the gap exists and go from there.

Our Patient Partnership Process P3.

It all starts here: a basic code of conduct that Ken Schueler developed and we seamlessly integrate these 10 axioms into our business model and strategy.  A keyword summary of the code practices includes:  patient compassion, H & S promotion, pricing and credential transparency, upholding privacy, assistance with medical decisions in conjunction with values and beliefs of the patient, refer patients when applicable, non-violation of professional capacity, non-discrimination, and the last fundamental is to always further education. For full code details please refer to the link above.

As a guide or compass bearing we align each one of our service levels to the applicable code of conduct axioms. At the end of our service contract, the entire file and accompanying documentation is given back to the person who supplied it to us (Unless advised otherwise in writing). Your payment options (project, hourly or banked) will be reconciled and any amount owing will be provided to the person who supplied this to us (Unless otherwise changed in writing)  Our contractual obligations cease and we bid each other adieu.

Limits of our Role

Elevate Patient Advocacy is not a law firm, nor do we cater to any form of medico-legal representation. Our role as a communication liaison company is to transmit information or render services (banking) between a patient and their medical team or applicable external institution. We understand the difficulty facing your new supportive role. As you respond and adapt to the changing quality of life your parents or family members now enter, it is with the utmost care, dignity and skillset effectiveness that we provide our services to you.


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